We are a team of young IT professionals and open minds. We have vision how the future may look like and we are aware of world trends and possible new disruptive innovations.

That is the reason why the name of our company DISRUPTIVNE. Disruptive innovations had changed the world as we know, like gas engine, first commercial flights or growth of Facebook.

Making new ideas is easy for us. We have blueprints for corporate & personal finance management system, all in one app for organization events, even blueprint for blockchain cruise control or blueprint evacuation of highway tunnels.

Now we move to next step: We want to apply our innovations in practice.

We grow our stable business in IT

for Reporting & Business intelligence (Power BI), automation services (Wise)

have products in test & publish phase like Pohoda BI corporate financial reporting and blue numbers tools for finance

We develop our own disruptive innovations.


We see most opportunities in IT field. What´s why most of our solutions is connected with IT.

We offer unique opportunities in Investments. Our mindset is to create products once-made & many-times sold. We offer background for IT professionals which want to develop own products. We attract investors to help us to create our own large-scale products.

Self-development is our unique company pillar. We know, that happy people are more productive and creative. We use therapeutic approach to rapidly develop our employees and partners.

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