Career in DISRUPTIVNE is not a career. It is the life-Journey.

Few words from CEO of DISRUPTIVNE

I was searching for ideal job for really long time. I was expecting a job, where I will be happy, earn good and live with it an extraordinary life.

This ideal job should support me to develop a harmony in 5 life areas:

  1. Work
  2. Money and wealth
  3. Family and relations
  4. Health
  5. Self-development

I was not able to find this type of job. That´s the reason, why I wanted to create one for myself and others.

I found out, what block us the most. It is the fear of discovering negative truth about ourselves. We have so many blocks, fears and pain inside of us. Then it is tough to live happy life. People around us teach us to ignore it, close it inside of us and try to pretend that we are strong. Ignorance of problems do not lead to problem solving, but leads only to self-destruction. That´s the reason why there is so many unhappy people near burnout around us.

DISRUPTIVNE is different. We have fundamentals based on sincerity, honesty and open feedback. We use proved therapeutic techniques. With them we handle the pain and ensure growth. Where the pain disappear, the more happiness and joy appears.

How this approach help us in work?

With less stress we have more joy in work, less sick people and better productivity.

With sincere relationships we feel better in office, and are eager to easily find and solve problems.

With accepting of responsibility we know, that there is no benefit of working overtime, but we need to finish tasks effectively.

And working effectively is hand by hand with options to work less than 40 hours per week and gain enough free time.

I know, that does not matter what you know, but your character matters.

You may feel, that Journey in DISRUPTIVNE is not for everybody, but may be for you.

Are you not sure what kind of work you may do in DISRUPTIVNE?

Let´s write me, we will meet and discuss your opportunities together.


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