Let´s use an opportunity to get a course from company, which creates commercial solutions in same technology for their own customers. The main goal of our courses is to make the learning of our own consultants as fast as possible. That´s the reason why our courses are practice-oriented.

Get an opportunity to benefit from our unique know-how and ensure best technical growth for your employees.


Working on a project and discover a problem?  You don’t know how to solve it. You may try to find solution on internet, or you may save your time and get advice from experts. We have role of senior consultants and offer technical support for our customers. We have broad experience with technologies:

  • Excel

  • Excel VBA

  • Power Query & Power Pivot

  • Power BI

  • Office 365

  • Sharepoint

  • MS Azure

  • Other database tools


Do you need to create project, process a data, create dashboards or statistics? You are unwilling to create these analysis on daily, weekly or monthly basis? What about to help us develop automated solution, which will do a work instead of you?

We create turnkey solutions via:

  • Wise

    Tool for creating automated reporting of Excel work, which utilizes Excel VBA, Power Query & Power Pivot

  • Power BI

    Tool for creating automated reporting, statistics, dashboard and analytics available online or trough web

  • Sharepoint, MS Azure and other tech


  • Wise

    Platform for Excel work automation

  • Pohoda BI

    Always up-to-date overview about corporate finance based in Pohoda accounting software

  • Blue numbers

    financial tool to compare and advise various financial products

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