Why we are in network?

Average company

  • pays separately for marketing, legal & financial advisory

  • often choose not appropriate IT systems

  • pays to companies mostly for know-how available on internet

  • many vendors create low synergy, or even system disfunction

  • Low synergy -> Average quality and high costs

Our network

  • Be part of network

  • Shared know-how

  • Cooperation within network

  • Shared and secure IT systems

  • High synergy -> High quality with low costs

Our goal is to gather and combine the best global knowledge in one network.

  • High quality with optimized costs for
  • Internal IT systems
  • Web solutions
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Business Advisory

🡺 Lower costs, Better Growth, Better profit

  • Better training for people focused on
  • IT skills
  • Time-management
  • Personal growth
  • System of quicker learning
  • Communication and psychological knowledge

🡺 better employee performance with higher happiness

Our solutions

  • Scalable for every company

  • Small companies use standard systems with low costs

  • Larger companies use custom modules to ensure high integration with older systems

Our development of IT systems

  • Members of network will make list of needs and pay monthly network fee

  • We collect system specifications from members

  • We found what is members priority and allocate budget for it

  • We use agile methods and develop scalable system that fits first level of needs

  • We collect feedback from members

  • If enough members ask and prioritize adding the new functionality, we allocate budget for software improvement

More members with same needs faster software development

Welcome to the world of effective IT

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